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For anyone who enjoyed the trip to the Museum of Glazed Hams, there’s some leftover ham humor at Words and Toons. Click HERE.

Happy NCAA tourney tipoff day! Celebrate with THIS dumb cartoon about filling out the brackets, at Words and Toons.

Just posted a “Cat on a Leash” cartoon on Words and Toons. It was inspired by REAL-LIFE EVENTS! Click HERE to see it. Yes, the cat looks a lot like Rick’s cousin Steve from Pittsburgh.

HERE is a cartoon on my Words and Toons site that must be read NOW … or whenever you get around to it.

Check out my hastily drawn “Dung Beetle on Facebook” cartoon HERE on Words and Toons. Please come back to Captain Scratchy tomorrow for more horseplay.

Yahoo! Two things to promote today. First, I updated and restructured my portfolio site. You can see it HERE! Second, there’s a really stupid wiener cartoon on my Words and Toons site. You can see it HERE!

Check out the Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Monkey.

Here’s the very first cartoon I posted on YouTube. There was no Captain Scratchy at the time, but there was an early version of Angry Horse. And he speaks! Sort of.

The first Captain Scratchy character to appear in public was Angry Horse, in 2008 on my other cartoon site, Words and Toons. He looked a little different back then, and his schtick was to rail against any perceived injustices. Here is an example of one of those early Angry Horse single panels. Angry Horse’s anger […]

For all the Snuggie maniacs who frequent Captain Scratchy, check out a Snuggie cartoon at my other cartoon site, Words and Toons, by clicking HERE!

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