The “Captain Scratchy” crew is still on vacation, but there are freshly baked cartoons on “Words and Toons,” including some curious dog humor.

It’s quiet in here … TOO quiet. Listen! Can you hear the crickets?

Which is it? Quiet, or chirping crickets?

Why can’t it be both? Extremely quiet chirping crickets, for example.

Look! The Irrational Fruit Bats of Western Idaho just ate the Extremely Quiet Chirping Crickets!

I heard that.

Here’s a decidedly dumb Angry Horse cartoon from back in his Words and Toons heyday years:

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

So busy with so many projects, the best I can do today is direct you to Words and Toons for yet another Angry Horse/Snuggie cartoon from the archives. Click HERE!

There will be another dramatic development at The Swollen Hoof tomorrow, so do tune in.

Speaking of dramatic, it’s hard to top this cupcake-lovin’ pooch:

Dramatic Cupcake Dog – Revelation