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Funny shirt: Captain Scratchy shirt

Hello blog portion of Captain Scratchy. It’s been a long time. A very long time.

No hard feelings? Good.

Oh, if you like zombie cartoons, check out this one I did on my other cartoon site, Words and Toons, by clicking HERE.

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Halloween will be here before you can say “Sexy Nurse!” If you’re looking for a funny Halloween card, check out my Zazzle shop. Here’s one of my cards … just click on it to see it in the shop. Also, you can click on the “chuckink” link below the card image to go to the home page of my Zazzle shop.

For no good reason at all, George W. Bush with a kangaroo in his pants has been added to the menu bar at the top of the page (under the banner).

Sorry to say the Captain Scratchy crew remains on vacation. But there’s freshly baked cartoon goodness at my other cartoon site, Words and Toons! In fact, there’s a “Star Wars” cartoon!! And we all know that those never go out of style!!! I can’t stop writing peppy sentences that end with exclamation marks!!!!!

Check it out Words and Toons!!!!!!!