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I was an English major in college, so I had my share of poetry classes. I can’t say I ever gained a lasting appreciation for poetry, especially the “classics” we studied. But I enjoyed dabbling in poetry writing in college, and even won a cash award — $25!!! — for a poem I submitted to […]

Today I’d like to shamelessly plug my other cartoon site, Words and Toons. There’s a bit of crossover now and then between Captain Scratchy and Words and Toons, in that some familiar characters here make appearances there. Today, for example, Cousin Steve from Pittsburgh is featured on Words and Toons, showing his support for the […]

Having seen how the Angry Horse’s love for his Snuggie has been documented on Captain Scratchy, several people have asked me if I realize there’s now a Snuggie for dogs. Yep, I’ve seen it. But where’s the Snuggie for cats? I’m sure cats would appreciate the ultra-stylish backward robe, too! In fact, I drew a […]