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For no particular reason, I’ve gathered videos of Dramatic Chipmunk, Dramatic Cat and Dramatic Pug.

Here’s the very first cartoon I posted on YouTube. There was no Captain Scratchy at the time, but there was an early version of Angry Horse. And he speaks! Sort of.

From time to time I like to direct Captain Scratchy readers to my other cartoon site, Words and Toons. This is one of those times. Check out the shocking “Where Are They Now” revelations of a few 1980s pop bands by clicking HERE!

The first Captain Scratchy character to appear in public was Angry Horse, in 2008 on my other cartoon site, Words and Toons. He looked a little different back then, and his schtick was to rail against any perceived injustices. Here is an example of one of those early Angry Horse single panels. Angry Horse’s anger […]

For all the Snuggie maniacs who frequent Captain Scratchy, check out a Snuggie cartoon at my other cartoon site, Words and Toons, by clicking HERE!

Whoo-hoo! There’s more New Year’s cartoon fun at my other cartoon site, Words and Toons. It features Angry Horse’s cousin and friend. See it by clicking HERE!

One particular search term has been bringing dozens of new viewers to Captain Scratchy every day for the last couple of weeks. That search term is “snuggie for cats.” Here’s why: Last August I posted in my blog a cartoon that featured one of my earliest drawings of Rick and Rufus. That cartoon, which first […]

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