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Yo, dog! Another one of my cartoons is featured on the Shoebox blog. The greeting card bearing this cartoon is in fine Hallmark stores near and far. Why not go get one right now? What are you waiting for?

The groovy guys and gals over at the Shoebox Blog have posted another one of my cartoons, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Or maybe that’s the vodka.) You can see it with your eye holes by clicking HERE.

The fine folks over at the Shoebox blog posted one of my cartoons the other day. You can see it HERE. The Shoebox blog is well worth checking out on a regular basis. Guaranteed giggles and guffaws via cartoons, card samples, animation, funny links and humorous musings. I’m proud to be part of Shoebox’s extended […]

I feel bad about missing my Friday comic update, but I was recovering from a traumatic event that occurred on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s what happened: Just as I was starting to prepare the turkey, it bolted upright and shouted, “Don’t touch my junk!” Thanks goodness we had a glazed ham in the house.

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If you’ve ever asked yourself that question — and, really, who hasn’t? — you should check out these strange Google query suggestions. They made me laugh really hard.

Captain Scratchy will return from vacation tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 15). Consult with your clergyman before deciding whether Captain Scratchy is right for you.

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I made a short and silly Captain Scratchy animation using Photoshop and iMovie, testing out HD capability. I’m linking to YouTube for the HD version (I hope): Chicken Fight

I’ve updated and redesigned my portfolio website. I’d be pleased if you’d take a gander.

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It was so much more fun when it was called Dominion Day.

As a cartoonist and animator, I’m not wild about the idea that technology allows the drawing-impaired to create quick and easy animations. But I’ve got to say, I had a blast putting this scene together in a matter of minutes.

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