The New Captain Scratchy Q & A:

Q: What’s all this, then?
A: Captain Scratchy is what is known as a “webcomic” or a “webcartoon” or a “big bowl of stupid.” Sometimes it’s a single-panel gag cartoon, sometimes it’s a multi-panel gag cartoon. Very rarely is it high art.

Q: Are there regular characters and regular story lines?
A: There used to be. But now the comics are “stand-alones” rather than character-driven and story-driven comic strips. But beloved characters such as Angry Horse, Little Horse, Rick (cat), Rufus (dog), Jeff the Lethargic Beaver, Kevin (bear) and Glenn (a former Bronson Pinchot impersonator who now works at Potato Hut) make plenty of appearances.

Q: Why Captain Scratchy?
A: It was the very last web domain name available.

Q: Who is the cartoonist behind Captain Scratchy?
A: Professional humor writer and cartoonist Chuck Ingwersen, who enjoys writing about himself in the third person. He creates cartoons for greeting cards, newspapers, websites, and monkey behavioral study clinics.

Q: How often do “fresh” cartoons appear on Captain Scratchy?
A: Fresh cartoons are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Some will be fresher than others. The not-so-fresh ones will be leftovers from
Words and Toons, another website created by the Captain Scratchy cartoonist.

Q: Can I buy your artwork on greeting cards, coffee mugs, shirts, posters and other fun stuff?
A: Please do! Check out my store here!

Q: Can I post your cartoons on my website or in a newsletter or other publication?
A: Since cartooning is my primary source of income, I can’t give away my artwork to other forms of media. But you can have permission to use my work for a very reasonable fee. Check out the details on my portfolio website (the Bio/Contact page has contact info).




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