Snowed In

If you’ve never had Funyuns dipped in clam sauce, you can’t appreciate their panic about being snowed in.

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  1. dmag61

    Just curious, but would the nipple moisturizer precede use of the Bedazzler?

    • Captain Scratchy

      Most definitely. The required steps are:

      1. Moisturize nipples.
      2. Bedazzle nipples.
      3. Distract yourself from the pain by eating Funyuns in clam dip.

  2. sezduck

    Bronson Pinchot is so boring that just typing a comment about him makh8bgijbgvazbnAWbni.

    • sezduck

      Sorry, I fell asleep on my keyboard while typing that comment.

      • Captain Scratchy

        But to be fair, anyone’s going to seem boring in comparison to Rick and Rufus, who have such thrilling hobbies as Bedazzling and ant farming.

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