Knock It Off

I’ve never been a fan of knock-knock jokes. In fact, I’m opposed to all jokes that use imaginary doors as their starting point. I get too hung up on practical matters:

  • What kind of door is it? If it’s a big, heavy door, wouldn’t the two people on either side have to shout to hear each other?
  • If it’s a glass door, why would Person 2 have to ask, “Who’s there?”
  • Who does just two knocks (knock, knock)? Most people do three, at the very least (knock, knock, knock).
  • Why not just use the doorbell?
  • Next time, why not arrange to meet at the local Donut Hut at a predetermined time to avoid the whole uncomfortable inquisition (“Who’s there?”) and to have a donut, or perhaps a cruller.

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  1. dmag61

    Captain, I don’t like to use doorbells. I prefer to get my hands on the knockers.

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