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Bam! As timely as today’s headlines, but as dumb as most of my cartoons!

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  1. Dan Long

    I’m still wondering if BP is going to have the nerve to raise their gas prices to make up for lost oil. Man, I almost want to see it happen just to see what the reaction is.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Maybe they’ll do something more subtle, like raise the price of Slim Jims in their mini-mart. But that might cause even more outrage.

  2. dmag

    BP is just a shell of its former self.

    • Captain Scratchy

      And ironically, all the shells around the gulf are now covered in oil.

  3. sezduck

    That was a cheap shot. But at least it wasn’t a “junk shot”.

    • Captain Scratchy

      I once spilled some ink while drawing a cartoon, and I tried soaking it up using old rubber tires and golf balls. Didn’t work. If only BP had asked me about that strategy …

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