Fowl Language

Is it just me, or does that chicken seem half-baked?

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  1. DMag

    You’re giving us the bird.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Would you rather be goosed?

  2. Dan Long

    Dear Marmaduke,

    Sometimes you make me nervous, since you’re apparently unaware of your size, which makes for daily risky activities, such as jumping up on a table, or (even scarier) a human’s lap. You seem to be intelligent enough to make your way properly into a man’s coat, or to sneak ice cream out of an ice cream truck, so I’m hoping you can understand this letter. Please keep in mind that you are a large dog. People and fragile dishes are in danger of your carelessness.




    Leave it to a bird to fowl things up…..

  4. sezduck

    I love Q-bert swears.

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