Bite at the Museum

Can’t blame Rufus and Chicken. Many times I’ve had a hankering for a glazed ham while spending a day at the museum, and I wasn’t even at the Museum of Glazed Hams.

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  1. Dan Long

    This is why I wouldn’t be able to visit such a museum. I hope they never create a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme museum, becuase I think I’d charge through security with Hulk-like intensity and devour their entire exhibit.

    • Captain Scratchy

      I’m right there with you. Plus, there’s the hassle of trying to smuggle in extra sour cream.

  2. DMag

    So it’s no grazin’ on the glazin’?

    • Captain Scratchy

      That’s why I only go to museums that have interactive displays, such as edible glazed hams.

  3. DMag

    Does the ham museum have a machine that makes wax molds of famous hams? Y’know, smoked, glazed, Bob Hope …?

  4. George

    I couldn’t go to that museum either. I wonder what kinda stuff they serve in their cafeteria?

    • Captain Scratchy

      I’m guessing they serve non-museum-quality unglazed ham in the cafeteria.

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