Trouble at Potato Hut

I wish there was a Potato Hut in my area. Guess I’ll have to keep going to the Yam Shack.

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  1. Dan Long

    But having a wimpy name is great! You can pick fights with everyone, and always come out on top. You get beat up, then so what? The guy who beat you up looks like a jerk for beating up a guy named Buttercup. You beat him up, and he just got beat up by a guy named Buttercup! It’s a win-win.

    • Captain Scratchy

      You’ve convinced me to change my name to Tad Pussywillow.

  2. DMag

    Two sticks = Buttercup.

  3. notapeopleperson

    What was life like when you didn’t have the ability to embarrass your friends on a global scale…


    • Captain Scratchy

      Good point. And you can embarrass them with just a few clicks. So convenient!

  4. The Dukenator

    Why does A Boy Named Sue come to mind?

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