Super Party Pooper

I’m looking forward to a highly entertaining game — the top seeds in each conference, two sensational quarterbacks, the potential for a scoring barrage. But I’m really looking forward to the mini patty melts my wife makes. And, of course, commercials with monkeys.

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  1. Dan Long

    One day I’ll find out what John 3:16 means. But I’m just too lazy to google.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Googling is the path to enlightenment, young man.

  2. DMag

    I’m still waiting for someone to come out with potatoes fried/cooked in the shape of a couch.

  3. Captain Scratchy

    That would be one tasty visual pun.

  4. sezduck

    Jeff has TP stuck to his foot. Do RIck & Rufus hang their TP overhand or underhand?

    • Captain Scratchy

      I guess we’ll never know, because no one’s gonna want to go into that bathroom for a LONG time.

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