Horse Meets Beaver

Captain Scratchy updates are down to once a week as long as Rick and Rufus remain in the tub. But they could emerge from the bathroom any day now …

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  1. DMag

    I hope AH doesn’t come down too … oh, you know what I mean.

  2. Norman

    Will adding the lethargic beaver character make a dam bit of difference?

    • Captain Scratchy

      You’ve hurt the beaver’s feelings. Now he’s going to be even more lethargic … and drunk.

  3. Nate Fakes

    I’d be doing the same thing – AND raiding the fridge!

    • Captain Scratchy

      He probably looked in the fridge but didn’t find any munch-worthy wood.

  4. lee

    Did Jeff’s brother do Ipana commercials?

    • Captain Scratchy

      I had to look it up. Bucky Beaver was before my time. According to Wikipedia, Ipana toothpaste is a leading brand in Turkey. Or maybe it’s a leading brand used by turkeys.

      Oh, wait! Bucky Beaver was seen in the movie “Grease,” in a TV commercial for Ipana. “Brusha, brusha, brusha!”

  5. D. Long

    Maybe it’s the martini glass, but for some reason I picture Frank Sinatra music playing quietly in the background with this beaver.

    • Captain Scratchy

      He is one cool, classy beaver.

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