Lonely Little Horse

Looks like Little Horse has made a new little friend. Meanwhile, we know Rick and Rufus are on their staycation (aka, sitting in their bathtub), but where has Angry Horse been lately? Will we find out next week? Why am I asking you?

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  1. D. Long

    Good thing the Shriners are banned. It always frustrated me when my friends and I would carpool to the Swollen Hoof only to find that each parking spot was taken by a small one-seater. I get that they can’t carpool in those little things, but the least they could do would be to park a few in one spot instead of greedily taking up a spot each.

  2. DMag

    Was our cricket (let’s call him Buddy) taking a Chip shot?

  3. Norman

    1) Hey Chuck, drawl an R into the cousin’s name. I mean drawer.
    Cousin Chirp?

    2) No Shriners allowed because their small cars are a hazard to a small horse, of course.

    3) That cricket is might suspicous. You know he’s going to end up asking for money or bumming a cigarette. Probably Socialist.

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