It’s good to see R & R getting some R & R, even if it’s just the tub.

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  1. DMag

    Rub-a-dub dub. Good to hear from Rufus — and Rick. And it’s nice the Post Office has a branch in their tub. That allows them to stay in the tub, what with their own drip-off zone.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Yeah, I wish I had a Post Office branch in my tub. Though the lack of privacy might be a problem.

  2. D. Long

    Awesome! I’m digging the creativity. Though “staycation” is another example of the horrid, black-death-like spreading trend of combining two words to make a new one that is slowly chiseling away at my sanity. It began with celebrity names. It extended into cutesy hobbies. Then it became mainstream and is actually used in journalism, like the news stories about “sexting.” I can only take so much. If this continues I’m going to have a brainsplosion.

    And that’s not a treat topped with whipped cream at the local zombie malt shop.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Wow, D-Lo (can I call you D-Lo?). That was a rousing commentary on the trend of combining two words. It was both informative and entertaining. Dare I say, it was infotain … no, I won’t say it.

  3. sezduck

    Help! I’m going through Captain Scratchy withdrawls!

  4. Sad65

    Are you saying I’m only here for the emo? ,

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