I was an English major in college, so I had my share of poetry classes. I can’t say I ever gained a lasting appreciation for poetry, especially the “classics” we studied. But I enjoyed dabbling in poetry writing in college, and even won a cash award — $25!!! — for a poem I submitted to the Western Illinois University literary magazine. I’ll refrain from posting it here. You can thank me later.

Mainly I wrote poems in a shameless attempt to impress a hot girl named Kathy. I guess my strategy worked, because she pretended to like the poems. And she eventually married me. Score!

I suppose reading poetry never got more enjoyable for me than when I was a toddler, enthralled by Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.” Now that’s the stuff!

Back to Captain Scratchy. Rufus took some abuse at the Poetry Slam (courtesy of Angry Horse), but the plucky dog isn’t going to give up just yet. He seems to have the soul of a poet, without fail. And in the end, a poet’s soul will prevail.

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