Poetry Slam

Poetry seems to make Angry Horse especially angry. Just his luck that he works at a bar that hosts a Poetry Slam.

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  1. D. Long

    Ha, the poetry comics are my favorite. It’s so hard to create humorous poems, but you do it well. Also, I love the cliche outfit and the glass of water. You can almost hear the looped bass riff in the background as he recites the poem.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Thanks! If you listen closely, you also can hear the snapping of fingers from the hipsters in the audience. An undaunted Rufus will give poetry reading another try Wednesday.

  2. lee

    NICE! Angry horse 007 license to ill/ I’ll have another rob roy.

  3. DMag

    Give Rufus credit. He didn’t come off half-baked.

  4. dake000

    HIDE ME!!!
    im a poet..

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