Having seen how the Angry Horse’s love for his Snuggie has been documented on Captain Scratchy, several people have asked me if I realize there’s now a Snuggie for dogs. Yep, I’ve seen it. But where’s the Snuggie for cats? I’m sure cats would appreciate the ultra-stylish backward robe, too!

In fact, I drew a cartoon on Words and Toons last March that showed a cat wearing a Snuggie and a dog feeling forlorn because all he had was a ShamWow. The cat and dog will look familiar to Captain Scratchy readers. The dog is named Rufus, and he continues to be Rufus now that he’s part of Captain Scratchy. But the Snuggie-wearing cat, who sure looks like Rick from Captain Scratchy, is named Captain Smackers in this cartoon. Here it is:

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

Sadly, Grandma has never been heard from again.

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  1. D. Long

    Ha, I saw some kids begging their mom for a Shamwow at Target today. Rufus doesn’t know what a great thing he has. That, or the power of advertising is fooling everyone.

    I like the background image to the site, looks like you’re making some changes! Let me know if you have questions.

    • Captain Scratchy

      Yeah, I’d much prefer a Shamwow to a Snuggie. But I’d prefer a Slap Chop to both!

      Thanks again for your advice and suggestions for the site. You rock!

  2. DMag

    Saw a commercial for Snuggies in Zebra, Camel and Leopard patterns. One hopes the Shamwow people follow suit. Just imagine: a Tiger-striped Shamwow. A Rainbow Trout Shamwow. A Bovine Shamwow (that would be a Shamcow).


    There should also be Snuggies for zebras, rhinos, giraffes and frogs. The power of the fabric is amazing!

  4. SnuggieHumor

    There is a Snuggie story that is saying that cats are thinking about filing a discrimination lawsuit. Personally, I think they have a good case!

  5. John

    Captain Smackers is the best name ever for a cat. I have this cartoon on my office door.

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