Hog Humor Explained

An alternate ending for this episode involved the pig using karate on Rufus, with Rufus yelling, “I hate pork chops!” But in the end, I couldn’t resist the notion of a pig wielding a spatula.

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  1. DMag

    Pig in a Snuggie just doesn’t have the zing. Chop chop.

  2. Norman

    Thanks for sparing us a real porcine gore scene.

  3. sezduck

    Rick (the one on the couch) looks pretty bored until the spatula beating. Then he cracks a smile. Good ol’ Rick.

  4. Vonda

    I knew, from reading your comments on other cartoon sites that you had to also be a cartoonist, as several times I laughed harder at your comments than I did at the cartoon.
    I started at the beginning and am reading my way through…I think this is my favorite so far. And good catch @sezduck! I laughed again when I went back and saw the little evil grin. Well done, Chuck

    • Captain Scratchy

      Thanks so much, Vonda! I really appreciate your kind comments, and I’m glad you’re enjoying Captain Scratchy.

  5. flo

    Funny!!! 😀

    • Captain Scratchy

      Thanks, Flo! I like the bike.

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