The Tangled Snuggie

I’m not sure why the Angry Horse insists on wearing his Snuggie in the middle of summer. While typing. And being angry.

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  1. Norman

    I never would have bought this premise, had it not been illustrated.
    Angry Horse is the only catalyst who could ever get a Snuggie and a typewriter in proximity.
    We are lucky the A.H.’s hooves are just free enough to type, and A.H. isn’t really so angry yet, until Kurt doesn’t show up!!???
    Hey, my Snug..9*(&^%$##@$

  2. DMag

    If AH were wearing a different color, he could have Greensleeves, or be Tangled Up In Blue. And it takes two (hooves) to tangle.

  3. sezduck

    I could free that Snuggie from the typewriter with my Slap Chop.

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