That means more cheese for us

Look! It’s a freshly squeezed cartoon. Captain Scratchy rolls into its first full week, fueled by artistic ambition and stinky cheese.

Some sad news to report. The Stupid Ferret blew off each of his arms in separate fireworks mishaps on the Fourth of July.


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  1. Bob

    Love the stupid ferrett

  2. Captain Scratchy

    The stupid ferret loves you, too.

  3. DMag

    I was just saying I was looking for a word that rhymed with “poot.” Presto, we have “sploot.”

  4. sezduck

    Fine. More cheese for Captain Scratchy, Rufus, and the hairball.

  5. Captain Scratchy

    I once heard a Canadian say, “I was aboot to poot in my boot, when all of a sudden … sploot!”

  6. Captain Scratchy

    So you’re assuming the cat is Captain Scratchy? Hmmm … interesting. Stay tuned.

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