Something’s cooking!

And so the journey begins. A hearty welcome to all, including readers of Words and Toons. As Captain Scratchy gets its footing, fresh cartoons will begin appearing. Early on, though, most of the cartoons will be favorites from the Words and Toons archives — some of them in revised form.

In any case, I’m excited to bring you Captain Scratchy. Almost as excited as The Cat Who Drank Too Much Coffee.


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  1. lee

    Is the recipe available online? I’m itchin for more Scratchy Chuck!

  2. Captain Scratchy

    It’s a pretty simple recipe. Boil water and just add snout.

  3. sezduck

    You picked a good one to start with. Still one of my favorites!

  4. Captain Scratchy

    Thanks for migrating from Words and Toons to check out the Captain!

  5. DMag

    This one’s a no-snouter.

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