Monster in the House

I don’t think that their dad is a zombie, but I’ve got my suspicions about that dog.

ATTENTION DOG LOVERS: The popular Nervous Dog fridge magnet is now on sale! For a limited time, this funny magnet (which imagines a magazine that doesn’t really exist) is available for $3.99, with FREE SHIPPING to U.S. residents.

The postcard-size magnet, made of super-smooth vinyl with vibrant colors, is based on one of the most popular Captain Scratchy cartoons. It will look great on your fridge, and it makes a perfect gift for any dog lover.

By purchasing this item, you’re helping Captain Scratchy in its mission to bring laughter to the world! Supplies (and laughter) are limited, so order TODAY!



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Found this caricature of me drawn at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fla., many years ago. Some of it still holds up (bad facial hair, big feet, many discarded ideas).

But if it were drawn today, there would be some key changes: Not quite as skinny now as I was then, now drawing on digital tablet instead of paper, thinking of red wine instead of beer.

Yes, in the distant future, cats and dogs will wear florescent “space collars” and beavers will ride hoverboards.

You have been warned.


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I know it’s not basketball season, but it’s always Basketball Mascot Dinosaur Falls On Its Face season, isn’t it?