Kevin Aces a Test

Kevin got 30 out of 30 correct, which earned him the nation’s respect … and a cookie.

Hmmm … I think I should resume blogging in this space. Look! I’m doing it now!!!

Breaking news: Here new_cardsare just a few of my most recent cards hitting stores soon (if they haven’t already). Thanks to the fine folks at RSVP (Sellers Publishing)! Their cards can be found at World Market stores and many other stores that sell cards.

I’ve also added a lot of cards to my Zazzle store, including a bunch of new Christmas cards that I’ll preview in a later blog post.

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Found this caricature of me drawn at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fla., many years ago. Some of it still holds up (bad facial hair, big feet, many discarded ideas).

But if it were drawn today, there would be some key changes: Not quite as skinny now as I was then, now drawing on digital tablet instead of paper, thinking of red wine instead of beer.

Yes, in the distant future, cats and dogs will wear florescent “space collars” and beavers will ride hoverboards.

You have been warned.


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I know it’s not basketball season, but it’s always Basketball Mascot Dinosaur Falls On Its Face season, isn’t it?